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No Retreat from Change: Landscape Information Modelling as a Design Tool for a Resilient Community: The Case of Poço da Draga in Fortaleza, Brazil

Authors   Newton Célio Becker; Tainah Frota Carvalho

Year   2020

Language   English

Present in   35th PLEA Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture (Coruña, Spain)

Type   Conference paper


Considering adaptation to the challenges of climate change, this paper presents a case study that explores the concept of Landscape Information Modeling (LIM) as a decision-making and design tool to assess strategies of resilience for a local informal settlement in Brazil. LIM theory provides a novel approach for urban design and employs computer intelligence systems to analyze environmental data as inputs and propose scenarios from which the optimal arrangement may be selected. Poço da Draga is a historical community located in the coast of the City of Fortaleza, Brazil. As a result of inequality, this community has long settled into an unfavorable housing area that suffers with usual floods throughout the year and is also threatened by sea level rise. Although significant researches and projects have assessed the balance of environmental and society in Brazil, this work prospects a new point of view to access the dialectic between these issues.

Key words
inteligent landscapes

flood risk

parametric modeling

landscape information modeling

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