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Participatory processes in the contemporary city: What is the role of Information and Communication Technologies?

Authors   Vítor Domício de Meneses; Daniel Ribeiro Cardoso

Year   2018

Language   Portuguese

Present in   XXII SIGraDi (São Carlos, Brazil)

Type   Conference paper


Urban planning is composed of actions that bring together actors and diverse interests and, therefore, many obstacles. Participation is a fundamental factor for the success of these processes in search of fairer cities as it promotes the exacerbation of conflicts. This research investigates the role of Technologies and Information and Communication (TICs) in participatory processes. For this, virtual participation devices were raised and a connection was made from the established connections between governors and governed. Thus, the objective is to study the potential of ICT use in the construction of more coherent participatory processes.

Key words


information and communication technologies

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