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Updating the documentation of a historic building: a case study of the José de Alencar theatre

Building Information Modeling


Brendda Karen

Carlos Eugênio Moreira de Sousa

Esequiel Fernandes Teixeira Mesquita

Francisco Emerson de Almeida

Gilmário Ribeiro

Henrique Isidoro

José Emerson Barbosa

Karina Alves

Mylene Melo Vieira

Thiago Martins



Submitted in

Journal of Building Pathology and Rehabilitation




Valorisation of heritage buildings can greatly be benefited from the update of the existing documentation. BIM (Building Information Modelling) can create a model able to be enriched by new information according to the dynamism of the historical building over time. This work aims to update the documentation of the iconic José de Alencar theatre (Fortaleza city—Brazil). The methodology consisted of three main steps: the cataloguing of existing drawings and old pictures; the performing of a digital survey and the development of a 3D BIM model of the theatre. An integrated approach using a laser scanner and UAV photogrammetry technology was performed. From the results, an update of the documentation of the theatre over time and a 3D BIM model, with a higher level of information and details, were obtained. Such complete updated graphical information of the heritage building may be useful for future maintenance and restoration projects.


3D BIM model, Architectural documentation, Heritage building, Point cloud

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