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Diego Enéas Peres Ricca


Assistant Professor at Department of Architecture and Urbanism


Assistant-A professor of the Design course at UFC (Universidade Federal do Ceará), linked to the Project Line with emphasis in Digital Design of the Department of Architecture and Urbanism and Design. PhD student in Design at FAU USP (Architecture and Urbanism School of the University of São Paulo), within the Design: Processes and Languages line. Master in Design: Processes and Languages also at FAU-USP (CAPES scholar). Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of Fortaleza (UNIFOR). Member of LabVisual - Visual Design Research Laboratory, in the group - Design, Environment and Interfaces and research line - DeVIR - Visual Design: interfaces and networks for culture and social development. She works since 2013 in projects specialized in entertainment, immersion and experience. Her research focuses on the use of interactive digital artifacts and their applications in museological, educational and entertainment projects. Develops experiments and professional work in the area of virtual, mixed and augmented reality, conducting experiments directed to the area of education, culture and training.



Expanded Realities in the design process

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