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José Lucas Gomes Mendes


Undergraduate student of Architecture and Urbanism


Undergraduate in Architecture and Urbanism at the Federal University of Ceará. He has already been a monitor for the Teaching Initiation Program of the discipline of Space and Form 2, where he helped the teacher in teaching the Grammar of Form and its application using the three-dimensional representation programs SketchUp and Rhino3D. He has also been a PID monitor in Technical Drawing, where he helped the professor in teaching Means, codes, techniques and representation systems in product design and a Descriptive Geometry monitor, where he helped the professor in teaching the development of spatial vision, preparing for technical drawing and representing three-dimensional elements in the plane, during his undergraduate studies in Design, interrupted in 2022, at the Federal University of Ceará. Already Assistant in the atelier and digital workshop of the Department of Architecture and Urbanism and Design at UFC, assisting in the handling and operations of machinery and supplies.


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