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Information modeling for sustainable urban planning and development in small municipalities

Modelagem da Informação para o ordenamento e desenvolvimento urbano sustentáveis em municípios de pequeno porte


City Information Modeling


The research project entitled "Information Modeling for Sustainable Urban Planning and Development in Small Municipalities" is a proposal from the Laboratory of Digital Experience (LED), associated with the Postgraduate Program in Architecture, Urbanism and Design (PPGAU+D UFC) and the Department of Architecture, Urbanism and Design (DAUD UFC), and its main objective is to propose devices to support planning, management and governance for the sustainable development of small municipalities. The scarcity of data and information regarding Brazilian cities is a fundamental problem faced by all areas of research, governance and public policy. In small municipalities, this problem is emphasized and becomes a challenge when proposing sustainable ordering and development plans for these cities. To this end, an information model is suggested to support the development of land use and occupation regulations in a way that is appropriate to the social, economic, cultural and environmental reality of small municipalities, with the municipality of Icapuí (CE) as the spatial focus, with the model being directed towards the development of its Participatory Master Plan. Through a systemic approach, the aim is to use CIM (City Information Modeling) as a digital model capable of simulating various urban aspects and phenomena in order to diagnose, propose solutions and manage the city more efficiently.

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