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Conference paper

A parametric approach to efficient implementation of green infrastructure in the urban field

Landscape Information Modeling


Joana Pimentel Guedes

João Pedro Deodato Barreto

Newton Célio Becker de Moura

Renata Ciddrack



Submitted in





Water availability has a key role in their process of occupation. However, accelerated urbanization had several detrimental impacts, increasing the vulnerability of urban communities. Because of the limitations of traditional planning, an alternative approach is emerging to respond to the constant changes in the landscape. Now, green infrastructure (GI), an ecosystem-based approach (EbA), is being used combined with traditional solutions to increase the resilience of the cities. In this paper, we proposed the use of an algorithm to determine the best place to implement GI. The algorithm used the inputs to develop a multi-criteria analysis capable of translating urban complexity. Results show that the GI solution can’t be efficiently implemented without context evaluation. However, the algorithm has the potential to become an informative tool in the decision-making process of urban planning.


Parametric Analysis, bioretention, green infrastructure, sustainable design, water resources

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