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Mariana Monteiro Xavier de Lima


Associate Professor at Department of Architecture and Urbanism


PhD in Architecture, Technology and City from the State University of Campinas, in the area of Architecture and Construction. Adjunct Professor of the Department of Architecture and Urbanism and Design of the Federal University of Ceará (DAUD/UFC) and the Graduate Program in Architecture and Urbanism and Design (PPGAUD/UFC). At post-graduation, develops research in the line of Information Modeling and Design. At the undergraduate level, he teaches courses in the areas of Project and Representation in the Design course. Integrates the Digital Experience Laboratory (LED), where researches on information and communication technologies applied to project development; digital methods and processes for project development; and implementation and teaching of Building Information Modeling.



The development of a BIM Execution Plan for contracting public work projects


Documentation and digital fabrication methods for restoration of eclectic metal ornaments


Aprimoramento de um Sistema de Gerenciamento de Obras tendo como base a aplicação da Modelagem da Informação na Construção (BIM)

BIM and Artificial Intelligence for decision support in architecture design

Expanded Realities in the design process

Desenvolvimento de Plano de Execução BIM para contratação de projetos de obras públicas

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