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Book Chapter

Documentation and digital fabrication methods for restoration of eclectic metal ornaments

Digital Fabrication


Carlos Eugênio Moreira de Sousa

Daniel Ribeiro Cardoso

João Lucas Vieira Nogueira

Mariana Monteiro Xavier de Lima

Roberto Cesar Cavalcante Vieira



Submitted in

Frontiers of Science and Technology




One of the characteristics of eclectic architecture is the abundance of façade ornaments with an intricate geometry. This complexity raises issues about their documentation and restoration. Those ornaments are made from different types of materials which necessitates different solutions when using new technologies to produce their copies. This work focuses on techniques for restoration of metal eclectic ornaments. Photogrammetry is used for documentation and capture of the 3D model of the geometric composition of cultural heritage buildings elements to be used in the restoration project. With the digital models, digital fabrication techniques are applied as support to intervention projects and restoration of metal ornaments. Tests are performed using a 3D printer and a CNC machine for production of a wax piece to be used in the casting process. Finally, the techniques are compared, indicating their advantages and disadvantages.


eclectic architecture, fabrication, ornaments, photogrammetry

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