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Digital Experience Lab from UFC Presents Research Findings at SIGraDi 2023

The Digital Experience Lab (LED) from the Federal University of Ceará (UFC) played a prominent role at the XXVII Congress of the Ibero-American Society of Digital Graphics (SIGraDi), held in Punta Del Este from November 29 to December 1, 2023. The congress, titled "Accelerated Landscapes," brought together experts from various fields to discuss the impact of digital technologies on architecture and design in a post-coronavirus pandemic world.

At this prestigious event, six researchers from LED, including co-coordinator Mariana Xavier and students from the Graduate Program in Architecture and Urbanism + Design (PPGAU+D), represented the laboratory. They contributed their expertise and insights in various sessions and workshops, strengthening academic and professional exchange with colleagues from around the world.

The laboratory submitted 10 scientific papers, addressing a wide range of topics and reflecting the broad spectrum of the group's research and innovation. The themes included "Parametric Modeling and Shape Grammar in the Design Process for Temporary Architecture," "Experimental Immersive Practices in Sustainable Planning Education," and "Landscape Information Modeling for the Recovery of Vulnerable Landscapes." These papers demonstrated LED's leadership in advanced research and its significant contribution to the field of digital architecture and design.

Professor Mariana Xavier explains the importance of participating in the event:

The SIGraDi was an excellent opportunity to share theories and practices with researchers from different countries. In the end, we realized an important alignment of the research we are developing at LED with cutting-edge themes and approaches in the field of Architecture, Urbanism, and Design.

In addition to presenting papers, LED also led a workshop on Landscape Information Modeling (LIM), conducted by Tainah Frota and João Pedro Deodato. This activity underscored the laboratory's commitment to the practical application of knowledge, emphasizing the importance of technical and practical training for students in the postgraduate program.

The SIGraDi 2023 represented a great opportunity for LED not only in terms of presenting research but also as a forum for exchanging ideas and international collaboration. Participation in the event highlighted LED's role as a center of excellence in research and innovation, strengthening its position in the international arena of digital architecture and design.

Interested parties will soon be able to view the articles in the publications section.

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