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Building Information Modelling and Lean Methodologies as Guiding Tools in the Design Process.

A Modelagem da Informação na Construção e as metodologias Lean como ferramentas norteadoras no processo de design.


Design Management in Construction Projects

Building Information Modeling


A significant portion of construction projects exhibit problematic management, characterized by low quality and a lack of value addition to clients, often resulting in overruns deadlines and budgets. Construction projects are conceived within architectural offices, which possess significant potential to enhance project workflow and benefit stakeholders. In this regard, the existence of maturity indicators for Planning and Production Control in the construction assists managers in identifying and addressing management deficiencies, even though there are no specific indicators tailored to architectural firms during the design process. Building upon this premise and aiming to mitigate the situation, the current undergraduate research project focuses on the study of Lean and Agile methodologies plus Building Information Modelling (BIM) into the design process, in order to develop a management maturity model for architectural offices. It is expected that this tool may provide strengths and weaknesses for design managers improve their projects.

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