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Index of Best Practices in Construction Design Management for architecture offices in Fortaleza.

Índice de Boas Práticas de Gestão do Design na Construção para escritórios de arquitetura em Fortaleza.

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Design Management in Construction Projects


Project management is often overlooked in the education of Architecture and Urbanism professionals in Brazil, resulting in a significant disparity in knowledge about the subject among architects and consequently in architectural firms. This gap is further accentuated by the constant evolution of project management, which incorporates tools and practices from other sectors of the industry, such as agile methodologies and lean thinking.
In the construction sector, there are maturity indicators of management applied to projects and construction companies, such as the Index of Good Practices in Production Planning and Control (IBPPCP). In this context, this extension project aims to develop an Index of Good Practices in Construction Project Management (IBPGPC) to diagnose the level of maturity of architecture firms in Fortaleza.
In partnership with the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso and AsBEA-CE, training workshops will be conducted to address the identified deficiencies in the firms. It is expected that this project will contribute to transforming and improving the quality of construction projects developed by firms, professionals, and architecture and urbanism students in Fortaleza.

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