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Assessment of metric accuracy on data acquisition using point cloud: an application to the José de Alencar Theater

Building Information Modeling


Bruna Tayna Macedo Fideles

Carlos Eugênio Moreira de Sousa

Esequiel Fernandes Teixeira Mesquita

Mylene Melo Vieira



Submitted in

Journal of Building Pathology and Rehabilitation




The data acquisition process is an important step in capturing information, especially in regard to historical heritage documentation. These buildings often have complex structures and little collection, which makes the geometric survey process in the traditional way even more difficult. Currently, studies have been conducted using a 3D terrestrial laser scanner (TLS) to capture geometric information to generate point clouds and serve as a basis for analysis, including using BIM and facilitating this documentation process. The paper was developed from a theoretical basis on the subject and application, performing a metric evaluation comparing existing point cloud and 2D surveys to generate a database and propose a method to improve dimensional inspections through point clouds in historic buildings, where it was possible to note some differences in shape and measurement between the two surveys. The study was validated on the metallic facade of the José de Alencar Theater.


Data acquisition, Documentation of cultural heritage buildings, Point cloud, Terrestrial laser scanner

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