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Digitalization based on high-resolution scanning and HBIM tools for damage assessment of the José de Alencar house

Building Information Modeling


Carlos Eugênio Moreira de Sousa

Esequiel Fernandes Teixeira Mesquita

Gilmário Ribeiro

Maycon Bessa

Mylene Melo Vieira

Renan Paulo

Tallis Rubens



Submitted in

Journal of Building Pathology and Rehabilitation




Heritage buildings are of great importance to the human perception of the culture of a community. HBIM (Historic Building Information Modelling) tools offer a possibility of an improved data set of information related mainly to the restoration and preservation of historical buildings. This work aims to assess the damage to the historic house by employing integrated HBIM tolls and experimental procedures. The historic house was evaluated by visual inspection of the historic house, 3D modeling with REVIT, and 3D modeling based on point cloud data. The comparison between the two 3D modeling techniques showed a level of damage consisting of a difference between the levels of the roofs. In addition, the visual inspection detected cracks in the walls which agrees with the damage observed from the 3D model’s comparison. Results indicate that HBIM tools significantly contribute to damage assessment in heritage constructions.


3D model, HBIM, Historic building, José de Alencar, Laser scanning, Point cloud, Visual inspection

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