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Conference paper

Investigação de Potenciais de Constituição de Paisagens Funcionais na Área de Expansão de Belém

Landscape Information Modeling


Tainah Frota Carvalho

Victor Silva da Costa



Submitted in





The structuring of capitalist city space neglects the condition of cities as complex ecosystems. This was the logic followed in the formation of the Metropolitan Region of Belém whenever investment in infrastructure omitted environmental processes, climatic aspects and the social diversity of the Amazon, prioritising construction densification and the reduction of vegetation cover in the city centre and in the city's expansion area. This research proposed to identify the potentials for the creation of a functional landscape in Belém's expansion area, taking the Mata-Fome watershed as a pilot for the reality of the metropolitan periphery (RMB). Geoprocessing, mathematical calculations and 3D modelling were the resources used to demonstrate the feasibility of associating nature-based solutions (green infrastructure) with conventional infrastructure, so as to preserve cultural uses and characteristics of the landscape, already adapted to seasonal flooding, and reduce costs and ecological impacts. It is concluded that it is possible to maintain vegetated and permeable areas, with socio-environmental, landscape and economic potential, and also to contribute to tackling climate change in Amazonian cities.


urban ecology, climate change, nature based solutions

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