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Conference paper

Form, Data, Matter: Photogrammetry and Digital Fabrication at the Service of Safeguarding the Built Cultural Heritage

Digital Fabrication


Adrisia Fernandes da Rocha Marques

Aura Celeste Santana Cunha

Carlos Eugênio Moreira de Sousa

Hugo Guimarães Sampaio

João Eudmar Dimitri Pereira de Almeida

Leonardo Edson Amorim

Lygia Isabelle Fonteles Salgueiro



Submitted in





Documentation of built cultural heritage is an important safeguarding strategy. However, the use of traditional documentation techniques, based on the direct acquisition of measurements with analog devices, makes the process time-consuming, inaccurate, and often inadequate for recording complex shapes, often found in the ornaments of certain architectural styles. This work explores the use of photogrammetry combined with digital fabrication in order to develop a methodology to document these elements of high geometric complexity, creating a workflow that connects digital techniques to traditional materialization techniques, exploring the potential of documentation to translate back into matter similar to that of the documented object. Seeking to validate these workflows, a series of prototypes are made in different materialities to evaluate the different techniques employed.


Digital heritage, built cultural heritage, digital fabrication, photogrammetry, restoration

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